Get prescription eyewear in a 30 minute visit at HEYWEAR Studio in NYC


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Can I really get new prescription eyewear same-day or less at HEYWEAR Studio?

What does an eye exam at HEYWEAR Studio consist of?

Is the exam completely free and do I need insurance?

Can I buy HEYWEAR eyewear online?

How does HEYWEAR make glasses so quickly?

Where do your materials come from?

Can I use my FSA/HSA at HEYWEAR Studio?

Can I add my current prescription to HEYWEAR frames?

Can I use my own frames at HEYWEAR?

Can I return or exchange eyewear?

Will HEYWEAR ship me eyewear if I have a prescription on file?

Do you make progressive or bi focal lenses?

Does HEYWEAR make eyewear for kids?

Does HEYWEAR offer contact lenses or contact lens exams?