Common questions

How long does it take to get eyewear at HEYWEAR?

You can get your eyewear in less than 30 minutes at HEYWEAR Studio in NoHo. If you'd rather shop online, we make orders as they come in and typically ship out same day. You should receive your eyewear in a few days, tops.

Our new Studio, opening in Brooklyn later this month will offer same-day Rx eyewear.

What's included in the exam and how much does it cost?

During your comprehensive eye screening a doctor will determine your eyewear prescription and evaluate your eye health through advanced imaging of the anterior and posterior of your eyes. Tests also will be performed on your pupils, muscles, visual field, as well as pressure checks for glaucoma screening. While HEYWEAR does not perform dilation, It is still recommended that if you have not your eyes dilated in over 3 years or are at higher risk that you schedule a dilated eye exam with your regular Optometry office.

Post exam you'll receive your updated Rx and exam summary via secure email.

Do I need to book an exam or can I walk in?

We encourage booking an appointment if you plan on having an exam. Otherwise, you can walk in anytime during Studio hours to try on styles in our showroom or have eyewear made on the spot using an existing prescription.

Do you carry every Rx?

The top of our prescription range is -12 and +6. Our astigmatism limitation is -4.00. We offer single vision and sun lenses that are cut for your prescription on the spot. We generally stock lenses to accommodate these prescriptions in both sun and clear lenses.

In the rare case we're out of stock, we'll order your Rx and send you an e-mail when they're back in the Studio.

Premium is our standard.

HEYWEAR eyewear is made-to-order at our NYC Optical lab and comes standard with the highest quality lenses available. Premium coatings are included.

Hydrophobic coating helps water slide right off - perfect for the occasional downpour and/or beach day.

UV 400 lenses provide almost 100% protection from dangerous ultraviolet light.

We don't encourage testing this, but HEYWEAR scratch resistant coatings mean your lenses are more forgiving of the occasional drop or loose pair in your purse (we'll give you a case - but it happens.)

HEYWEAR Studio Lafayette

363 Lafayette

between bond and great jones

Ny, ny 10012

Mon - Fri, 10am - 8pm
Saturday - Sunday, 10am-6pm

Exam appointments encouraged,

walk-ins welcome


HEYWEAR Atlantic Ave.

Opening December 2021.

coming soon