Vision should not be a privilege.

Yet both eye care and eyewear have become luxury goods that are not accessible for everyone.
We forgot what it means to wear glasses.
We forgot how critical it is to see other people and the world as it is.
We forgot how crucial it is for others to see us as we truly are.
We forgot the power and strength that comes from making eye contact.
We feel vision is a matter of public health.
Undiagnosed vision problems negatively impact our learning abilities,
work performance, emotional skills, and overall wellbeing.

The truth is: the whole industry is challenged. It’s costly, it's cumbersome and inefficient.People are left dealing with too many unnecessary obstacles to overcome just to buy glasses. We want to do our part to reverse this tide. To see the world as it should be seen, clearly and accurately. We believe good design and tailored frames can light up your face.
We believe affordable qualitative eye care should not be a prerogative.
We believe uncovering our authentic self benefits society as a whole.
We believe it is time to alter the status quo.

We believe vision is a human right.