Common Questions

What is HEYWEAR?

We see optical through a different lens. HEYWEAR is an eyewear brand and optical studio where you can check your eyes and get new eyewear in one simple visit. As of today, we’re in Manhattan, Brooklyn (coming December 2021) and online. 

With Opticians and Optometrists on-site, the focus is always on a quick, comprehensive visit that gets you high quality, made-to-order eyewear without the usual cost, confusion, and time usually required to get new prescription glasses. 

We've capped our prices at $150 including your frames and lenses. A free eye exam is included with every eyewear purchase so you always have the opportunity to make your eye health and clearer vision a top priority without worrying about out-of-pocket costs or even considering insurance at all. 

In our dream scenario, getting Rx eyewear and taking care of your eyes becomes as seamless as walking in and buying a new pair of jeans. That's what we're working towards.

Do I need an appointment?

We encourage booking an appointment if you plan on having your eyes checked, but it's never required.

We get busy, but always try to find space for walk-ins to get an exam without waiting a while. You'll be added to the waitlist when you arrive and are welcome to walk around until you get a text from us that it's time for your exam.

If you're stopping by just to buy (no exam), you never need an appointment and your eyewear is typically ready in a few minutes.

How much is HEYWEAR eyewear?

Our eyewear ranges from $50-$125 for whole eyewear packages including your frames, lenses, and free exam.

You can add a clear or sun lens, with or without a prescription to any of our 100+ styles available at HEYWEAR Studio.

Do I have to get an exam + eyewear at HEYWEAR?

No. You're welcome to bring your own Rx. You can learn more about our Rx ranges available in stock, here.

We also offer exams al a carte, with no insurance required for a flat $50. We'll keep your information on file so you're always welcome to order Rx eyewear online from us with your HEYWEAR prescription or come back to the studio another time if you ever need eyewear.

What kind of eyewear do you offer?

HEYWEAR makes single vision prescription and non prescription eyewear with sun or clear lenses. You must be 18+ to have eyewear made with us.

We don't currently offer bifocals, trifocals, contact lenses, or progressives.

All of our frames are designed in NYC and sourced globally. Our lenses are the highest quality available and come standard with anti-reflective, anti-smudge, water resistant, uv400 coatings.

Does HEYWEAR treat eye disorders and diseases?

While HEYWEAR does not treat diseases, if treatment or additional care is needed we can provide referrals to a network of optometrist, ophthalmologist, and hospitals that we work with for your continued care. 

Do you offer contact lenses, progressive, bifocal or trifocal?

Not right now. HEYWEAR specializes in making single vision eyewear and doesn't currently offer progressives or bifocals . Contact lenses require a separate fitting an exam.

Do you make eyewear for kids?

Not right now. Children require shatter proof lenses which we don't currently cut at our Optical Labs. You must be 18+ to have an exam and eyewear from HEYWEAR.