Protecting your vision can be as easy as regular screenings for underlying conditions and prescription updates that ensure your Rx is the most accurate for your vision needs. Adults 20-39 should have a complete vision exam every 2-3 years. After 40 eyes go through a lot of changes and might need to be screened every 1-2 years. After 65, eyes should be screened every year. 

With a comprehensive eye screening at HEYWEAR, we determine refractive conditions and look for early indicators of disease using the latest ophthalmic  technology.

While HEYWEAR does not treat diseases, if treatment or additional care is needed we can provide referrals to a network of Optometrist, Ophthalmologist, and Hospitals that we work with for your continued care. 

 As a note, you must be 18+ to have eyewear made at HEYWEAR Studio and over 13 to have an exam with our Optometry Team. The top of our prescription range is -12 and +6. Our astigmatism limitation is -4.00.  We offer single vision and sun lenses that are cut for your prescription on the spot.

Here's what an exam looks like at HEYWEAR Studio:

1.) Walk in anytime during exam hours and pick out your new frames. You can also just get an exam for $50 and have a new prescription Rx in minutes.

2.) Our Studio Team will process your eyewear and exam order and ask for a phone number and email address. You'll get a short intake form that you can quickly fill out on your phone followed by a text message when it's time for your exam. You shouldn't wait more than a few minutes.

3.) Head downstairs to a private exam room where you can discuss any concerns with a HEYWEAR Technician and get your eyes checked.

4.) As soon as your exam is finished, your lenses are carved and your eyewear is assembled upstairs in our lab. You'll get another text message once your order is ready which you can pick up from the service desk just outside the lab. One of our Opticians can help you adjust your frames for a perfect fit. 

Look for an order receipt and visit summary as well as any additional notes from your Technician in your inbox. If you have additional questions, you can setup a virtual follow up call with a Doctor.